It’s Ali-i-i-ive!

coinliddleAfter a whole whallop of work and late nights, I am extremely pleased to report – as you may right now be seeing – that this website is worthy of being seen by everyone else! Special thanks to Brian Kremen for kicking my butt into gear, and as always, Toby Medeiros for his graphic design brilliance.

Still to come: there will be a gallery with sneak peeks at new and in-progress artwork for the book – character sketches, scenery, you name it!

We are also in the process of compiling a list of several trans-identified creators including artists, writers, filmmakers – pretty much anything – in the hopes of promoting their work here as well, so watch for that section to pop up very soon!

And finally, we hope that the KickStarter campaign will begin by November, and through that we hope to raise enough money to make Wyvern a published reality. We’ll keep our fingers crossed, but we are deeply grateful for the support!

For now, feel free to pop over to Facebook to get a look at the latest artwork sneak peek, and keep your eyes open for news over the next while.

Peace and sugar!


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