Oh, look! Art!

12167990_10100761614640850_64966647_nAs if it wasn’t big enough news that this website is now live, I’m excited to share more news that you might not yet have noticed: the Wyvern Gallery is live!

The gallery – which, aside from the sidebar, you can find by clicking here – is an ongoing collection of publicly-released artwork by our illustrator Toby Medeiros that may eventually be part of Wyvern itself or the materials we release.

But that isn’t the only art I’m here to talk about. Take a look, if you would, at this:


In case you are wondering, yes: that is, indeed, a Biceratops.

I’m sorry, but this and the story behind it are just about the coolest thing ever.

A couple of days ago, a proud mama bear sent me this link, along with this message:

“My 12-year old daughter loves art. She recently produced this series of t-shirts to raise money for her local LGBTQ organization. She has a show of her original drawings coming up at a local art gallery in a couple of weeks. Oh, and she’s trans.”

This is amazing. Isn’t this amazing? It’s totally amazing. And this talented young lady has completed several artistic renderings of LGBTQ dinosaurs, including the Lesbo-saurus-rex, the Icthy-ally-don, or my personal favourite, the Bron-2-spirit.

It’s girls like this fantastic young artist whom I hope will connect with Wyvern (totally gonna send her a free copy when it’s published), but in the meantime, I am so getting myself a shirt. Julianna, and her proud mamma, you keep dino-rockin’.

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