We did it!!

12167990_10100761614640850_64966647_nIt’s official: the Wyvern Kickstarter campaign has been successful! We’ve raised our base goal of $5,000, which means that if all goes to plan, Quinn’s story will be available to everyone both electronically and in print by this coming Spring!

I won’t go on and on here–

(I have returned to this spot in the post after writing the rest of it to say, oops, I kind of did go on and on. Sorry.)

–but I feel the need to say some brief but important thank-yous.

I want to thank all of the donors who contributed to the project:

Thank you to friends and family who donated. Your support and your belief in me means more to me than I can describe, and I plan to justify that belief and give you something that makes your donation worthwhile.

Thank you to the strangers, the ones who didn’t even know my name and yet still gave me this chance to create something wonderful, meaningful and important.

Thank you to everyone who helped me to spread the word about Wyvern and this fundraiser, and I hope I can continue to rely on your support as things go forward!

Thank you to the organizations and groups that have put their support behind this project, including Glad Day Bookshop. I’m looking forward to the work we’re going to do together.

Thank you to the former and current students and parents I work with who have given me their thoughts and ideas, and helped me give Wyvern an audience thus far.

Thank you to the Wyvern team: Leslie, Toby, Brian, Veronica, Virginia, Adam, Parker, Isaac, Chester, James. We still have a lot to do, but already the work you’ve done and the support you’ve given have made our start possible.

Thank you to my loving partner Rhys, my sista’ from another mista’ Jillian, and my dear friend who inspired the whole thing, Matthew.

And finally, thank you Mom and Dad – my biggest fans (I’ll let them battle out who’s Fan #1 and #2), who have shown me nothing but unconditional encouragement and support, and who have believed in me, and in the success of this project.

It’s time to throw our eyes forward! Thanks to Leslie’s editing wizardry and Toby’s artistic talent, the process is already well underway. Stay tuned, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or right here on our website to follow its progress. And don’t forget to spread the word! Wyvern is coming – and I plan for it to make an explosive entrance!


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