An Update With A Boring Title!

12167990_10100761614640850_64966647_nHello to all you loyal followers of Wyvern!

I realize that it has been some time since this site has seen an update – the reason mostly being professional, as my work has swallowed me up and spat me back out as of late – but since we are well on the way to Spring and pretty much on the clock, I thought I’d pop on here and deliver an update to you!

The Editing Process

Depending on whether you are connected with the Facebook or Kickstarter pages, you may already know that my wonderful editor, Leslie Godfrey, is almost done with her revisions on the draft of the novel. That means I will soon be conferring with her and making those revisions official.

With any luck, that also means the manuscript will definitely be done by the spring. My hat goes off to Leslie for the amount of fantastic work she has done.

The Artwork

It is my hope that at some point today I will be able to update this site’s gallery with the latest artwork, but suffice it to say that Toby has been an artistic force to be reckoned with. Please feel free to go check the gallery for the latest additions!

The Plan From Here

Though it may be a stretch, our goal is to have the published product ready and available for mass consumption by this MayWhen that happens, every avenue I have to pass along the details on where to find it and how to obtain it will be used – stay tuned on that front.

What I can tell you is that our partnership with Glad Day Bookshop means that when Wyvern is ready, your first and best spot to find it will be right there at Glad Day – which is also where we will be holding the launch! All of Wyvern‘s backers are invited to attend the launch, and more details on that will be coming in the next few months!

Going forward, I will do my best to provide snippets, teasers, and the latest news and updates from here. and I will cross-post these updates to Facebook and Twitter to keep everyone in the loop!

We’re on track – and looking forward to the spring!


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