We Move to Digital Editing!

12167990_10100761614640850_64966647_nI am pleased to say that I have completed going through my editor’s feedback on the paper copy of the book with my pen, and I have started the process of revising the digital copy. The work continues!

Below I have also included a couple more artwork samples from Toby, who works diligently as ever. Here, have a look:


A mysterious book - maybe a useful clue.
A mysterious book – maybe a useful clue.
A tense sitting room (and a work in progress!)
A tense sitting room (and a work in progress!)
An unknown danger in the dark.
An unknown danger in the dark.


I also wanted to give you all an update on the anticipated schedule, so here are some important developments since my last update:

  • My wonderful editor Leslie and her family are on their way through circumstances that require lots of time and energy, and so I am, of course, giving her some space from Wyvern to ensure that she can give her full attention to the needs of her family. Given all the time she volunteered – at no cost! – to devote to this project, she has certainly earned the respite!
  • Toby, as I said, has been wonderful at balancing his own commitments and simultaneously working tirelessly on bringing Wyvern to life. Since art can’t be rushed, additional time will likely be needed for him to work his magic all the way through each chapter.
  • I have started to investigate the process of typesetting and formatting for the finished product of Wyvern, to get a better sense of page numbers and thus, printing costs.

With all the above said and done, here are some predictions I feel relatively safe making:

  • The digital e-book edition of Wyvern, which excludes illustrations, will be ready for distribution before the print edition. The hope is that this can be accomplished either by the end of summer or early fall.
  • It is my hope that by fall or winter of this year, I will be able to complete and publish the print edition!

Updates will be sent as they happen. As always, your support of this project means the world to the Wyvern team, and I’m looking forward to sharing Quinn’s story with everyone!


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