Hello again! I have the most exciting update to give you. You can read all the detail work below, but here’s the gist of it:

The electronic version of Wyvern is just about ready to go!

Here’s some relevant updates:

The Editing Process

In this utterly glorious selfie, you are seeing the last meeting that I had with Wyvern‘s fabulously talented editor, Leslie Godfrey. This was taken at Tim Horton’s in Orangeville on a nice, sunny Sunday afternoon. The end result of this session: the editing was complete! Thankfully, the long, arduous process of refining, tweaking and rewriting is finished.

I hereby take this opportunity to thank Leslie again for her tireless work, and for allowing me to take this picture despite that she’d just been riding her bike for several hours. She’s a champ.

The Illustrations

This masterful piece of work is the newly-completed cover art for the book, which Toby finalized just this week. He’s a saint, because he had to deal with me being picky and asking for all sorts of little changes. As usual, his work is fantastic.

We are continuing to get through the illustrations that will be inside the print copy of the book – stay tuned for an ETA. However, with the cover art complete, the electronic copy has everything it needs, art-wise!

The Housekeeping

The time since the end of the editing process has mostly included the foreword, acknowledgements, appendices, and the appropriate research into the best way to go about getting the ebook into the marketplace. At the moment, I expect to be making Wyvern available via, who will take care of distribution to Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, etc.

I will also be getting back in touch with Glad Day Bookshop, who have also agreed to act as an online vendor for the electronic version of the book. Stay tuned for further updates!

As always, thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement. I’m thrilled to see this coming together and I can’t wait to get the long-awaited result into your hands. Stay tuned for further update!



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