mahselfMeet Kyle.

Kyle McGiverin is a middle school teacher and long-time LGBTQ advocate, beginning with his days as a gay student, and culminating in his work as an out gay educator. In his young adulthood he was a community leader, working as president of his campus Pride organization for three years before graduating and entering the teaching field in 2012. He continued to work with the university, delivering sensitivity training workshops to teacher candidates.

Kyle has been a sought-after guest lecturer and is a part of several committees within the Peel District School Board, working toward the advancement of LGBTQ acceptance in elementary schools. In 2013 he briefly went viral when his students played a gay-positive song for him in class, and the following year he was featured in the Brampton Guardian for his commitment to openly addressing LGBTQ realities with his students. Over the past several years he has grown deeply engaged with the challenges faced by the transgender community, and has been working to expand his own understanding of these challenges and break the barriers keeping gender identity out of the elementary classroom.

Kyle has been writing stories since he was ten years old and has written several shorter pieces and two novels of fantasy fiction, some of which have been published online. In 2011 he was the recipient of the F. Janet Dolman Prize in Playwriting for his work on a one-act play depicting the coming-out struggle of a homophobic gay man. He hopes to capture the attention and imagination of youth through his writing, and engage them in conversations that promote empathy, acceptance and a deep appreciation for diversity.