I give Wyvern 5 stars. I would recommend the book to my brother because he would love a book with a little adventure. I learned from Wyvern that trans people are the same as you, they are just different in a gender type of way.

Semira, Grade 6

I really loved this book. I kind of felt weird about the main character being transgender, just beacuse I didn’t know what transgender was, but when I did know, I felt more comfortable. I think the most important message was to be who you are and not worry about what other people think about you.…

Jamilah, Grade 6

The book was amazing! It had lots of adventures. I think this would be a good book for someone to learn more about transgender people, beacuse some people don’t even know what transgender people are like, how they feel and what they are going through.

Brianna, Grade 6

I gave Wyvern 5 stars. I like how the author made Aldia a place where nobody cares about Gender. My favourite character was Quinn because he had a hard time with being transgender but was really strong. I would recommend Wyvern to someone else because it teaches a lot of lessons.

Senaya, Grade 6

I loved the book! It’s definitely 5 stars beacuse the author told a meaningful story about loving who you are in an entertaining way. Most LGBT books are all about bullying but this one was an adventure! It was so deep and I did not want to stop reading! I thought the most important message…

Jaya, Grade 6

I gave Wyvern 4 and a half stars. This book would help someone learn more about transgender people because it shows how hard it is to be trans. My favourite character is Teodor because wy is free-spirited and funny. The most important message was not to treat anyone differently!

Vaneeza, Grade 6

I liked the book because it taught me about people who are trans and what they go through, and it might teach others too. I think the message was ‘be yourself’. I think the author wanted us to think about what people who are trans go through in life.

Maia, Grade 6

I liked the book because it had a lot of detail and emotion. I think the most important message was: it doesn’t matter what body you’re in, you are who you are.

A., Grade 6

I gave the book a rating of 5 stars because honestly that’s what it truly deserved. The book was amazing! I love the characters and the wordings are just beautiful. I really love Quinn’s character because you could really relate to him. I didn’t even know transgender people existed before Wyvern introduced them to me.…

M., Grade 6

I gave Wyvern 5 stars. I really liked the storyline and all the twists in the story. I think the most important message is that it is okay to express yourself and no one can make you into something you’re not. I would recommend Wyvern because it is a very interesting, funny, cool book to…

T., Grade 6

I truly loved Wyvern. It was very interesting and it had a lot of action. Wyvern would help someone learn more about transgender people because it shows the struggles Quinn went through. The most important message is that being different is okay. I gave Wyvern 5 stars.

Y., Grade 6

As a reader, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author writes with an obvious love of the world and the characters he has created. His descriptions of the scenery; buildings, landscape, people and places were written in such fine detail, the world in its entirety is brought to life in your mind.   (See full…

Virginia Erum, Parent

Why would I, as a parent, recommend Wyvern to my kids? Firstly, it is a charming, engaging story that draws you into its world and makes you care about the outcome. Secondly, the way the author was able to introduce such an important subject into the main characters makes the issues much less scary. It…

Linda Eddy, Parent

It grabbed me in the way that Harry Potter grabbed me. It’s not complex in it’s writing but the adventure that young Quinn goes on after touching a strange coin was packed with intrigue and danger. Read the full review Here!

David C. Jones

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